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Dongguan Acupuncture Technology Co., Ltd

dongguan acupuncture technology co., ltd. is a high and new technology enterprises, focus on metal wire material products precision processing of digital program control equipment manufacturers.

The company's core technical team has created dozens of invention patents, integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. The production of metal wire material products industry has been deeply cultivated for nearly 20 years, and digital program-controlled production equipment series has been developed and manufactured: the product series has broken the single-specific complexity of traditional equipment in the metal wire processing product industry, realized the application of digital intelligent general performance, subverted the complicated production process of traditional equipment, and realized environmental protection, energy saving, high-efficiency digital intelligent production control. Equipment series products have been sold to all parts of the country and many countries in Europe, America, America, Southeast Asia, well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Our intelligent manufacturing equipment characteristics: for all kinds of metal wire and straight rod material products, to achieve a digital program-controlled precision processing production. Such as: gold, silver, copper, iron, tungsten, ceramics, alloys, stainless steel, capillary and other metal products, the use of straightening, truncation, grinding, chamfering, grinding needles, drilling, rubbing flowers, extrusion and other digital intelligent automation production.

The equipment series are widely used in the production fields of high-end products such as aerospace, medical beauty, communication equipment, locomotive accessories, industrial hardware, electronic appliances, instrument measuring tools, precision shaft core, etc.

As always, we will always closely combine equipment manufacturing with industrial applications, help users realize the transformation of digital intelligent production, strive to become a pioneer in equipment manufacturing in the production of metal wire products industry, and uphold the courage to create the first to create the maximum value and dedication of enterprises for the development of social market economy.

Dongguan Acupuncture Technology Co., Ltd

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