What are the main straightening machines in operation?

In order to effectively improve the reliability of its equipment, the numerical control system of its equipment will adopt a higher degree of integration of circuit chips, and the straightening machine can effectively use its large-scale and large-scale dedicated or hybrid integrated circuits.

Straightening machine in operation mainly to reduce the number of components, to effectively improve its reliability, equipment through its hardware function of the software, in use will adapt to a variety of control functions to use at the same time the use of hardware structure of the machine tool body modularization and serialization and other requirements.

The use of bridge straight machine effectively improves the production batch of its hardware to a certain extent, which is convenient for its organization of production and quality control. The equipment also starts diagnosis through automatic operation, online diagnosis offline diagnosis and other diagnostic procedures. Broken

The seam of the bridge straightening machine should be effectively adjusted according to the thickness of the steel plate and the strength of the steel plate. If the strength of the steel plate is relatively large, the difference between the silver seam value and the thickness value of the steel plate is relatively large. If the strength of the steel plate is less than the silver seam value and the difference between the thickness value of the steel plate is relatively small.

When the straightening machine is used, its silver seam will effectively follow the principle of small inlet and large outlet. The performance of the equipment in terms of force is that the pressure at the inlet is greater than the pressure at the outlet. The purpose of this adjustment is to make the anti-alarm deformation of the steel plate smaller when passing through the straightening machine.

When the straightening machine is running, when the steel plate leaves the straightening machine, this is more conducive to making the steel plate straight. The difference between the inlet and outlet of the equipment should be effectively adjusted according to the pressure of the inlet and outlet. Under normal circumstances, the pressure ratio of the inlet and outlet is about 4:3

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