Chamfering accuracy and speed control range of chamfering machine

Chamfering accuracy of chamfering machine: it is generally required to be less than 0.5mm for use in the construction industry; However, the requirement for mirrors used in automobiles is less than ± 0.01mm; The chamfering requirement for chamfering machines for steel plate processing is as low as possible, but none of them has made an error of ± 0.5mm up to now. At present, the chamfering accuracy of chamfering machines provided by various machinery manufacturers is generally below ± 0.2mm, but this cannot be seen only in the introduction of product specifications. There should be a complete set of procedures for testing the chamfering accuracy of chamfering machines during acceptance. The product accuracy of actual chamfering machines should be measured. We generally have more than a dozen test sample surfaces. Through the test we can fully grasp the chamfering machine chamfering platform flatness and control system of synchronous control level.

Chamfering speed of chamfering machine: we can only talk about speed on the premise of meeting the chamfering accuracy of chamfering machine. due to the short chamfering platform of chamfering machine, it is difficult to judge whether the speed is reached with eyes. we can use the software simulation function equipped with the servo driver of numerical control plasma chamfering machine to check whether the motor speed is reached. When testing the cutting speed, it is not necessary to cut the actual cutting, and the acceleration and deceleration are increased. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously.


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Installation and commissioning of chamfering machine

First, lift the fuselage from the center of the machine with a jack until the footing is slightly about 5cm from the ground, or unilaterally from the ground.

Features and working range of fully automatic chamfering machine

Home all say chamfering machine, can you know? Automatic chamfering machine is suitable for metal pen tube, air conditioning tube, compressor tube tube and other tube end forming processing, mechanical transmission accuracy and stability, compact structure, reasonable layout, is the necessary supporting models of metal tube processing enterprises. Mainly through the use of mechanical transmission mode, the cut pipe fittings are placed in the hopper or vibration plate, and the machine is started to realize automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic flat head at both ends and inner and outer corners at the same time.

What should be paid attention to in the operation of the machine tool?

The operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the automatic double-head chamfering machine. As for the usage method, there are also matters needing attention, etc., which must be paid attention. Must strictly abide by the safe operation system, before the work, for the operator to strictly in accordance with the provisions of the implementation.

Chamfering accuracy and speed control range of chamfering machine

Chamfering accuracy of chamfering machine: it is generally required to be below ± 0.5mm for construction industry; However, it is required to be below ± 0.01mm for automobile reflectors;

What are the benefits of automatic straightening machine

Automatic straightening machine is a set of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and measurement and control analysis as one of the high-tech products. The automatic straightening machine can straighten the shaft parts to obtain the ideal straightness or runout requirements.