Installation and commissioning of chamfering machine

1. chamferling machine installation:

1. First, lift the fuselage from the center of the machine with a jack until the footing is slightly about 5cm from the ground, or unilaterally from the ground.

2. Screw the footing screws to the ground (four in total) and then release the jack.

3. Connect the power cord to the wiring board in the batch distribution box, as shown in the R,S,T end.

4. Install guide chute and material limiting plate.

5. Do not install the air pressure source before completing the manual test run.

2. chamferer calibration and commissioning:

1. Processing length correction:

1. Loosen the micro-motion fixing screws (2).

2. Relax the fixing screws of the bearing seat (2 in total).

3. Push the bearing seat to the required position by manpower.

4. The size can be initially determined by this scale.

2. Distance correction of feed chute of chamfering machine:

1. First, return the standard angle tool with the spreader and feed the pipe fittings into the mold.

2. Loosen the tube again, adjust the screw in the guide groove to position and then fix it.

3. Move up the pipe fitting, relax the guide trough and fix it after positioning.

4. Calibration of this part of the guide trough; Also relax the upper 2 screws and fix them after correction. Please check the accuracy of the test tube center after correction, as shown in Figures 1 and 2 on page, to complete the correction of the guide trough.

5. Tighten the fixing screw of the bearing seat, and then fine-tune the screw with this screw; After that, fix the fine-tuning screw and remember to fix the fine-tuning screw to complete the length correction.

6. If you need to assemble and disassemble the cutter head, please use this special tool (accessory) to fix the axis. To facilitate assembly and disassembly and tool adjustment.

3. Manual commissioning of chamfering machine:

1, first with a wrench, manual test whether the feed and clamping die smooth, otherwise should be adjusted to smooth.

2. Manual feed test; Open the tool rotating motor after visual inspection without rotation (please pay attention to rotation), and carry out cutting test to adjust the cutter head until the processing is accurate, thus completing the manual test run.

4. Full-automatic test run of chamfering machine:

1. Before the full-automatic test run, add enough lubricating oil and add butter.

2. Install the air pressure connector and wait until the air pressure is above 5 ㎏/cm.

3. Check that the cutting part has no wings, and install the processing materials to start operation.

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Installation and commissioning of chamfering machine

First, lift the fuselage from the center of the machine with a jack until the footing is slightly about 5cm from the ground, or unilaterally from the ground.

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