The normal operation of the straightening machine can not be separated from the three elements

The normal operation of the straightening machine can not be separated from the three elements

The normal operation of the straightening machine is the pulse power supply, the mechanical and automatic control system, and the purification and circulation system of the working fluid. If these responsibilities do not meet the conditions, the working effect and service life of the straightening machine will not be satisfactory.
Under normal circumstances, the voltage applied to the more direct discharge gap is pulsed, otherwise, the discharge will become a continuous arc, which will bring adverse consequences to the operation of the straightening machine. The so-called pulse electricity is actually an electrical circuit or device that can emit a pulse voltage with sufficient energy to provide power for the straightening machine.

In the straightening machine, the mechanical part and the automatic control part are the core, because their function is to maintain a proper discharge room between the tool electrode and the workpiece, and adjust it online, so that it can meet the actual operation requirements and achieve the ideal straightening effect.

For the straightening machine, the working fluid is indispensable, and the quality of the working fluid is also up to standard. If there are impurities in it, it will seriously affect the function of the working fluid and may even cause damage to the parts of the straightening machine.

When the ring machine is working, the role of the working fluid is to concentrate the energy, strengthen the processing process, and take away the heat and electroerosion products generated during discharge. In order to give full play to its role, the working fluid system includes the storage and cooling of the working fluid, circulation and its regulation and protection, filtration, and the use of the working fluid to chase the circulation system and so on.

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