Knurling tooth rubbing machine

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Automatic precision knurling rubbing machine

Automatic precision wire extrusion type, twisting machine to adapt to a wide range of straight wire material, good versatility. The round straight rod materials of various non-ferrous metals are processed and extruded, with an effective diameter of φ0.5mm- φ3mm and an effective length of 10mm-150mm. It is a highly versatile mechanical principle equipment for upsetting, forging and extrusion. It is suitable for all kinds of metal materials within the effective range, such as stainless steel, copper, iron, carbon steel, aluminum, gold, silver and other straight rod materials. It is processed and formed according to production needs. The equipment adopts mechanical multi-link multi-speed multi-axis power transmission operation, compact steel structure, stable operation, sensitive and accurate response, fast, clean and environmentally friendly, etc.