Wire collecting and releasing machine

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Full-automatic wire intelligent control receiver

Performance of full-automatic intelligent feeder: the metal linear or tape material to be processed (1~500kg) is placed on the support arm that can be collected and placed, and the pull-out end is threaded and matched according to the operation guidance, passed through the guide post, then passed through the detection feeding box assembly device, and then introduced into the processing host equipment. When the host equipment is working, the wire feeding box assembly device can perform real-time detection. When the detection is subjected to gravity, the variable-speed induction motor is controlled to drive the work quickly, which automatically completes the control of the feeding speed and the stability of the tension, and transmits the power to the rotating arm. Realize automatic retract and release functions, stable feeding output and supply. The precise length of the product interception is guaranteed. When the component does not detect gravity, it will automatically send out a signal, and the equipment will automatically brake and stop working.