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Automatic Stator Riveting Welding Machine

Mainly for high precision, shockproof, high magnetic performance requirements of the motor, electrical products stator welding; such as: servo motor, stepper motor, stacked transformer, rectifier, industrial motor, civil electrical motor, electric tool motor, aircraft motor, axle Toy motor and so on stator detection welding. In the operation mode, the product only needs to be manually placed at the designated position of the equipment. One key starts the equipment to automatically tidy up the overall dimensions and correct the plane and automatically apply pressure to detect the height of the product. The detection accuracy is ± 0.1mm. If there are multiple or few pieces, an alarm signal will be sent immediately. After the intuitive parameters are convenient for adding and subtracting the number of pieces, the product will be automatically divided to complete the welding station platform. It can be collected manually or connected to automatic assembly line operation.